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About Birdie Over Par

Where Golf Meets Purpose

Welcome to Birdie Over Par, where passion for golf meets a profound purpose. Our journey began with a heart-wrenching experience that transformed our lives and inspired us to create something extraordinary.
Our Mission

Fostering Creativity, Companionship, and Empathy

At Birdie Over Par, we are more than just a golf apparel brand; we are a beacon of hope and resilience. Our extensive range of unique and versatile polo shirts embodies the spirit of making a difference, both on and off the golf course. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to foster creativity, companionship, and empathy through the power of expression.
Our Inspiration

A Shining Light in the Darkness

In 2019, our world was forever changed when we experienced the devastating loss of our son and nephew, who was stillborn at full term. Amidst the shock and grief, we found solace in the love and support of our family. Our son, Witten, may have spent a short time with us, but he left an indelible mark on our hearts. His story became a shining light for us to share, breaking the silence around stillbirth and reaching out to other families who have endured similar pain.
Golfing and Healing

The Birth of Birdie Over Par

Finding Solace in the Fairways
Golfing and creating emerged as an escape for us, providing a sense of calm amid life’s chaos. And from this blend of grief and healing, Birdie Over Par was born. The name itself carries profound significance. In golf, “birdie” signifies scoring one less than “par” on a hole. Similarly, in our family, we always have one less person around the dinner table, family pictures, and holiday gatherings. Yet, amidst this void, we love our birdie over any par.
Fashion with Heart

Birdie Over Par's Commitment

Birdie Over Par is much more than a fashion statement; it’s a movement of compassion and support. With each purchase, you not only elevate your golf game but also extend a helping hand to families who have experienced the unimaginable pain of losing a child. Part of the proceeds from every polo shirt sold will be donated to an infant loss foundation, amplifying our commitment to expanding our son’s legacy and aiding others on their journey of healing.
Join Us in Making a Difference

One Swing, One Shirt at a Time

We invite you to join us in making a profound difference—one swing and one shirt at a time. Together, we can inspire hope, build a community of understanding, and honor the memories of those who shine brightly in our hearts. Birdie Over Par welcomes you to be a part of this heartfelt endeavor, where sport and empathy unite to create a brighter future
Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we can score birdies over par on and off the golf course.

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